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As its primary business,
Willow Technology is the leading independent producer of WebSphere MQ platforms, developed under license from IBM. WebSphere MQ dominates the middleware messaging and enterprise integration markets, and is available on more than 35 operating system platforms. What this means is that WebSphere MQ provides the "glue" for computers (and the software and applications that run on them) to simply, consistently and reliably exchange information with each other - whether they are in the same room, or on opposite sides of the planet connected by a satellite or through the internet.  After many attempts by the software industry over the past 30 years, WebSphere MQ is the first product to actually enable this to happen across all mainstream computer systems installed today.  This is why WebSphere MQ enjoys greater than 70% worldwide market share for this type of software.

Leveraging Willow's traditional strengths in middleware and networking, we have embarked upon developing a new business focused on integrating mobile workers, telemetry and sensing devices with enterprise applications. In this area, Willow offers complete turnkey solutions comprising hardware, software and applications, but is, at the same time, developing packaged infrastructure tools and components for developing mobile wireless applications. The majority of this work is being done in our Vancouver Development Centre.

Our customer's businesses truly depend on our products and they have correspondingly high expectations of us. We are focused on delivering the finest quality products and customer support, and that requires both a company and employees who care.



We are a private company that intends to stay that way.   If you crave the Dilbert culture, wasting time in meetings, simply looking busy or playing office politics please don't apply.  We offer a great working environment, performance based compensation and benefits, and the opportunity for career growth without having to switch jobs every eighteen months. We are looking for long term relationships that are mutually rewarding. You need a large dose of self motivation to succeed at Willow - you are expected to know your job and and to do it well it with little day to day supervision.

We value real world experience and a commitment to personal growth.  Tenure alone does not guarantee a bright future.  We do demand excellence and you will be rewarded well for your accomplishments.

Willow has been in business for more than 25 years.  The company is profitable and continues to grow.  We are not backed by venture capital or other outside money.  As a result, we are masters of our own destiny and can plan and build for the future of the company, its employees and customers.

Willow remains a small company in terms of number of employees.  This is by choice.  We plan to be around for the long haul.

All U.S. location positions require U.S. citizenship or permanent resident (green card) status.
All Canadian location positions require Canadian citizenship or Landed Immigrant status.

Please e-mail your resume in confidence (ASCII text, Microsoft Word or RTF format) to resumes@willowtech.com, or fax it to +1.604.630.7101.

We screen and evaluate our own candidates and therefore do NOT review resumes from recruiters, agencies or brokers.

Willow operates its own R&D facilities in a number of countries. We do not outsource, nor do we respond to outsourcing enquiries.



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