Why WebSphere MQ is a Necessary Part of your Solution

For most companies, the reality of information systems is a mix of old and new technologies, with tried-and- tested systems co-existing with dynamic new innovations like the Web. Unfortunately, making these systems work well together can be costly and time-consuming.

WebSphere MQ simplifies communication between applications running on identical or different hardware platforms across networks. WebSphere MQ leverages your company’s in-house skills and makes them even more valuable across multiple platforms. Whether you are connecting your application with older legacy systems, developing a client/server solution or distributing your software onto other platforms, WebSphere MQ is a necessary part of your solution.

 WebSphere MQ lets you:


  • integrate your trusted, in-production systems with new developments like ebusiness and Web servers

  • seamlessly connect powerful ERP-type applications such as SAP R/3 to new and existing systems

  • develop and roll-out new enterprise-wide applications faster and more cost effectively, without having to write complex communication code

  • pull together distributed information resources to build powerful data warehousing, data mart and decision support applications

  • free up application development resources – let your staff focus on serving the business, not fixing connectivity problems

  • build secure, high-performance mobile-enabled information networks to support dynamic global business operations

  • connect up your supply chain – put suppliers, partners and customers in contact to save money and improve service

  • use important new technologies like message brokers and publish-and subscribe engines to build state-of-the art information delivery systems

WebSphere MQ makes all these tasks faster, simpler and less expensive – giving you a real edge, and delivering value to your bottom line. Here’s how:
  • Programmatic solution to arduous in-house socket code and ftp based connectivity
  • Built-in connectivity to over 35 platforms
  • Built-in access to XA compliant databases and transaction processing monitors
  • Built-in connectivity to Lotus, WWW, SAP R/3
  • Built in data security and reliability
  • Comprehensive management of information flow across an enterprise in a multi-platform environment
  • A standard means of programming information exchange within and between applications on multiple hardware and software platforms
  • Leverages existing skills and development environments by supporting C, C++, COBOL, java, Perl


  • Assured delivery of messages
  • Deliver once, and once only
  • Time-independent processing
  • Heterogeneous any-to-any connectivity
  • Standard API
  • Network transparency


  • Enabling the next generation of cross-functional, enterprise-wide applications needed to drive the business forward
  • WebSphere MQ reduces time to market and maintenance costs for application development.
  • Business information flow is protected.
  • WebSphere MQ enables the delivery of secure, flexible, cross-functional applications that the business demands
  • WebSphere MQ reduces time and cost of application development by removing the need for multiplatform programming of data-security and reliability.
  • WebSphere MQ provides the opportunity to implement departmental autonomous systems independent of each other while ensuring integration at the business level.
  • Increased return on investment.

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