Price Quotations:

If you would like a price quotation, please e-mail us at sales@willowtech.com with the following information: 

  • The Willow product you would like the quote for

  • The number of systems you will be using to run the software

  • The number of CPUs in each system 

Configuration Information:

Our pricing is based on the number of CPU cores in a machine. Each CPU core requires a license.  

To Request an Evaluation:

If you would like to try a 60 day evaluation of one of our products, send a request to info@willowtech.com and make sure to provide us with the following information:  the product you wish to evaluate, your name, company name and address (no P.O. boxes), telephone number and e-mail address.  

Program Pack Options:


When you purchase a Willow WebSphere MQ Product,  you will be provided with the platform specific Program Pack.  The Program Pack includes License, Media, Documentation and Maintenance.  Maintenance includes Technical Support and (in most cases) Software Subscription.

Technical support provides "how to use" and general troubleshooting support, patches and software updates. Technical Support is offered on a 7x24 (continuous) basis for business critical problems via our online support system, email or telephone.  Non-critical problems are handled during normal business hours, Pacific time. Software Subscription offers upgrades and new versions.

You must purchase a minimum of one year's Maintenance. There is an option to pre-pay Maintenance (and lock in the price) for up to 3 years.


To Place an Order:

If you would like to order a WebSphere MQ product from Willow Technology, please send your purchase order via Fax (+1.604.630.7101) or E-mail (sales@willowtech.com).

On your Purchase Order, please be sure to include the following information:
  • The Willow product you would like to purchase, along with the part number (provided in the quote)
  • The quotation number
  • The quantity and dollar amount of purchase
  • A Purchase Order Number
  • A Ship To Address
  • A Billing Address (if different from shipping)
  • A Contact Name and Telephone Number

Also, if you have not purchased from Willow Technology in the past, you will need to provide us with credit information on your company.

* Please note that we include a shipping and handling fee on all orders.  $35 for orders shipped within the U.S. and $70 for international orders.  We ship via courier to ensure the fastest possible delivery.

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